Flume/Chet Faker Webster Hall 9.11.13 (Recap+Photos)

Last Wednesday Flume and Chet Faker took over Webster Hall, and our photographer Chermelle Edwards captured it all for us!



Imagine sound as an indoor sauna, filling the room with steam and whitening out all color, Take that visual and accompany it to the sequence of heat that rises, pores that open as a consequence and hands flailing as a gesture of needed release, then you have the complete scene of what Flume was to Webster Hall. With each layer of sound and screen shift Flume’s electronic music notes cleansed the crowds soul.

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Chet Faker:

As Chet sings, “the rhythm is all I need to hear,” then, the sounds of that rhythm was all the crowd needed to feel. Playing in a red beanie, that was a constant moving flash of color among an otherwise low-lit stage, he was an indubitable display of electronic infused soul.

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Article and Photos by Chermelle Edwards


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