Slonk Donkerson’s tape release show at Muchmore’s 11/22/13

Over a three year run, Brooklyn adoptees Slonk Donkerson have taken a new approach to heavy garage rock and post-grunge, forging an incredibly smooth, powerful wall of sound. Slonk is best known now for their recent Watching Every Channel at Once EP, but last night reintroduced their material on their new Re-Runs cassette. In a sweeping run of new hits and their back catalog, Slonk delivered yet another consistently energetic and flawless show. The intimate background of Muchmore’s in Williamsburg only helped: a room packed with friends and true fans made for even more passion.

Seeing a three-person set take control of a stage is a gift in itself, but Slonk came packing with an even bigger surprise: three of New York’s finest bands sharing the stage. Joining the Donk were Sunflower Bean, BLUFFING, and Butter the Chicken, a mix Slonk hand-selected for the release. The choice was perfect: everyone knew everyone and the show came alive.

Article and photos by Gavin Matthews.

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