The Griswolds play Brooklyn Bowl 11/24/13

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches that you can take to music. On top of that are countless ways to lead a live show. However, at the core of it all, one factor determines the success or failure of your tour: charisma. Without raw energy and passion that shine through whatever style and instrument that you play, the music will always be stunted and held back from its full potential.

Thankfully, both The Griswolds and Great Caesar rank as some of the most charismatic bands currently touring. Despite hardly 10 sentences spoken the entire show outside of lyrics, the crowd was fully sucked into both bands’ energy, with the showing ending in an on-stage dance by members of the crowd. Backing the sheer drive of the band was extremely well crafted music, as emotional as it was accessible. The Griswolds in particular brought a slice of Sydney to the Brooklyn Bowl, excellent ambassadors for a music scene that is growing in talent and influence by the day. This was not a show to miss.

Article and Photos by Gavin Matthews

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