Pompeya, LOVESKILLS, and Leverage Models Play Cameo Gallery

Opening the night at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg were Leverage Models and LOVESKILLS, two groups packing entirely different soundscapes that clashed and complimented to the core. Leverage Models, a blend of live synth and percussion and singer Shannon Fields’ pure insanity, left the crowd perfectly amped up. Like any good follow-up, LOVESKILLS stripped that away, packing a cosmic mix of dubstep, soul, rap, and a bit of Mike Posner-esque vocals into a package that drove the crowd like any of the best DJs. Rarely do you see a demand for an encore from an opening act, but LOVESKILLS delivered to a pleading crowd.

Moscow import and headliner Pompeya closed the show, bringing a final dash of synth-infused, genre-bending flair to Cameo. Coming off of the release of Tropical, Pompeya delivered a perfect blend of disco and 80s sounds, crossed with some early grunge. Needless to say, from the energy and perfection to the faux snakeskin pants sported by frontman Daniil Brod, the Cameo set was yet another show to not miss.

Article and Photos by Gavin Matthews

Leverage Models

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