Interview: Canon Logic

Recently we sat down with Canon Logic, and from our interview, it looks like they have no plans on slowing down!



P&W: Origins of Canon Logic are in Philadelphia. What made you decide upon the move to NYC years ago?  Do you think it’s easier to find your niche in such a competitive city?

CL: I don’t know that its easier to find a niche, there are just a lot more opportunities.  More people to meet, more shows to play, proximity to more potential fans, collaborators, resources.  We obviously still love Philly and go back all the time, but really the band didn’t exist in the way it does now until we got to Brooklyn.

P&W: Do you feel like veterans in the music business now being around for a while or do you feel like there’s much more to learn?

CL: A little bit of both.  We’ve been playing together for a while and have released some music, so the maturity that comes along with that is a great thing.  We’re better writers, a tighter band, and less likely to get distracted by stuff that might have seemed shiny and new a couple years ago.  But it mostly feels like we’ve put all that work in just to get to a legitimate starting point, and in that way WYLD really feels like a debut.

P&W: Can you tell me about Wyld, the band’s new album? When will it be out and what was the recording and writing process like for this album this time around? What kind of mood was the band in when you hit the recording studio?

CL: We’ll be announcing the release date within a week or two I think, but its due pretty soon.  It was a long process, but it felt good to take our time with these songs and really flesh them out.  Its nine tracks and they’re all unique and have a lot of depth individually.  The mood of the album was set early on by the first couple songs Tim brought in, rhythm heavy, passionate, and easy to get caught up in.  We recorded everywhere from studios to bedrooms to basements and then pulled it all together.  We’re really excited about how it turned out.

P&W: The band has been compared to the Strokes, but the band gathers influences from earlier periods of time.

CL: Yeah being in the band we never have any idea who people are about to compare us to, we just try not to cringe.  We do love the Strokes though!  But yeah, the WYLD influences did reach a little further back, like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder…

P&W: Your song for “Mountain” is an amazing breadth of work. Was it as fun to make the video as well?

CL: Thanks!  Yeah that video was so fun to shoot.  Its not every day you get to drive out to a farm and light a couple pianos on fire.  Kris Rey-Talley and Adam Saewitz directed it and the crew and our hosts were all such amazing people.  Adam also directed our video for Crocodile, and we’re going to do another with Kris.  Our goal is to have a video for each song on the record, and we only have three more to shoot.

P&W: Your audience spans the globe. What do you find different about the audiences from the States than the audiences overseas?

CL: Well we haven’t actually had a chance to tour overseas yet but we’d love to.  The best thing about our international internet fans though is how enthusiastic and positive they are.  It feels so good to have people half a world away responding to what we’re doing.

P&W: Canon Logic is playing Cameo Gallery on January 18. It looks like the band has a nonstop tour schedule ahead in 2014. What other places do you plan on playing in the coming year?

CL: We’ll be doing a residency at Pianos in February, so we’ll be there the 10th, 17th, and 24th.  We want to go out of our way to make each of those shows really special.  After that we’re thinking about heading out to LA, then coming back and moving around the East Coast a bit.

P&W: Touring is major way not only to promote the new album, but the band as well. What plans do Canon Logic have for the rest of 2014 besides touring behind Wyld? Are there plans to shop around for a major label record deal?

CL: Lots of shows, lots of new video releases.  Mostly we just want to reach as many people as possible.  We’re going to keep the WYLD spirit going and see where it takes us!

Interview by Robert Frezza 


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