Interview: Libel

The name of the band itself “Libel” means the print version of slander, which pretty much tells you from the gate what to expect. However they deliver it, only in the most sincere way. Gavin (lead vocalist) let me know ” the word Libel immediately appealed to me because in my other life (the one that pays the bills) I’ve long been a journalist.”

Gavin also let me know that he and band-mate Julie had known each other for some time from previous band experiences; one including still-running Smashing Pumpkins tribute act (The Dashing Blumpkins). Nick and Justin fell right into place with Libel to make the 4 piece complete. Between the group they still haven’t decided what genre bubble to put themselves in, “I was hoping the music critics could help us out with that one.” After seeing them perform live and taking Gavin’s advice, I would put them somewhere in between 90’s throwback Rock & Roll, and a little grunge.

They seem to be a group of free spirits, caught between the love for live performances, and the nights spend deep inside studio grooves. They’re working on new material, with the newest member Justin settling into the band it’s “filled out their sound and pushed it in beautiful new directions,” as Gavin put it. 2014 will be an exciting year for the band, and they’ll continue to surprise their listeners, and keep accruing new fans.

Interview and article by Betty Fireall 

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