Pool Cosby, Coalition, and Pol The Fisherman play the Studio at Webster Hall

Pool Cosby, Pol The Fisherman, and Coalition played the studio at Webster Hall

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley

POOL COSBY: Opened the night up with some FUNKY, dance what yo momma gave you, hybrid music. Featuring a cello, fiddle(which was put through some neat effects) coupled with and adept dj/mixer and percussion. Kicking off a night of dancing which didn’t stop til the last beat of the night…

PC14 PC13 PC12 PC11-1 PC10 PC9 PC8 PC7 PC6 PC5-1 PC4 PC3 PC2 PC1



Coalition followed with some rap/rock/funk/electronic tunes while often mashing up known songs with their own. Flashes of Rage against the machine and Cake were heard.

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Coalition16 Coalition15 Coalition14 Coalition13 Coalition11 Coalition10 Coalition9 Coalition8 Coalition7 Coalition6 Coalition5 Coalition4 Coalition3 Coalition2


Pol The Fisherman:

Pol The Fisherman finished the night with some hard hitting rock tunes occasionally bordering on punk and grunge themes. The crowd erupted during their hit “Smoke Grenades,” You can count on seeing these guys hitting it big in the near future.

POL POL15 POL14 POL13 POL12 (this could be for all the bands tho, dancing all night) POL11 POL10 POL9 POL8 POL7 POL6 POL5 POL4 POL3 POL2-1

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