The Black Angels and Roky Erickson Play The Music Hall of Williamsburg

Converse Rubber Tracks put on a free show at Music Hall of Williamsburg featuring The Black Angels and Roky Erickson. For the lucky ticketholders it was a magical night of psychedelic rock and trippy imagery.

Roky Erickson, a psychedelic legend (go ahead and read his wiki page, quite a story), and his band took to the smoke filled stage to the roars of the diverse crowd. He played songs from his varied catalogue stretching back some 50 years as the crowd danced and swayed along. Roky’s lyrics are really incredible, mostly haunting reminders of the fragility of this life we live but the atmosphere was a happy one.

The Black Angels, touring for their newest album “Indigo Meadow” finished the night with some groovy alt-psych-rock with roaring guitars and soaring vocals from frontman Alex Maas. For a band that once backed Roky Erickson, they haven’t swayed far from those roots of psychedelia and jam rock. As a newbie I was really happy with their set and will definitely catch another show.

Article and Photos by Shayne Hanley

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