Artist Spotlight: Shark Muffin

On another one of my late nights “show hoppin” in the LES, I got my name checked off the guestlist for the all girl rock-band Sharkmuffin. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned down show invites to the famous venue Pianos, and now I’m glad I did because the epic first time was saved for these ladies, and it was indeed a special night.

They had what appeared to be another new drummer playing with them, who’s name I didn’t catch, but she seemed like a musical fit with Tarra, and Natalie, so I asked no questions. Tarra, who is the lead vocalist and guitarist literally sung, and screamed all over her mic, and the stage for their set, and her voice control is what us singers basically live for.  Natalie the bassist, and second vocalist is the band member that every epic band has, who gives you the dope vibes and the “it’s okay to be really excited” you need to find your comfort zone with the band if you’re a first time viewer.

First glance of these ladies, you’ll either be scared shitless of their talent, or you’ll become and official Sharkmuffin pusher. Call me the pusher-lady because Sharkmuffin has it, and it’s available to us all. Trust me, you want it.

Article by Betty Fireall

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