Artist Spotlight: The Library Is On Fire

If you live anywhere in, or near NYC, you are fully aware of the need to escape the madness if you get the chance. Steve from the band The Library Is On Fire made the decision to do just that and head to a rented cabin in the woods. With his guitar, and the necessities for the average human to survive of course, he began to work on their new album Halcyon & Surrounding Areas.

Thankfully Steve came back from the woods, with material to share with band-mate Travis, (who is also the engineer and bass player for the band).

The guys decided to have the album be something similar to a “rock mixtape”, with an addition of sounds from the epic thrift store keyboards and vibraphones they found.

The first single off the new album is “Red Flags”, which breaks down the start of relationships and what to look out for. Anybody else wishing they would have found out about this song a few weeks ago? Oh well, it’s never too late to get the info.

Article by Betty Fireall

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