My First Love // Concerts

What makes a concert amazing and memorable? Could it be the enticing reverberation of all the instruments coming together to make a perfect song? Your song…the one you know by heart and basically yell the lyrics to at the show. Yeah, I’ve been there too. Concerts are best described as life altering, they make us gleam with joy and let’s us dance out our adorable asses off. In truth, I have been asked what is with my addiction to concerts…the answer is easy, love.

The anticipation to sing along to your favorite song is almost too grand and it makes you feel like it’s just you and this artist in the room, no one else. The drinks, the atmosphere, and the people make the concerts even better; at a Bravery concert I met an older woman named Claire who in that same week saw The Killers and Interpol in Atlantic City. You make friends over canned beers while you sing and dance along to the same song. The first band I ever saw live was a very indie band named “Elefant” at Webster Hall who had emerged alongside great bands like The Strokes and Interpol. The band was truly my first crush and having a handsome lead singer helped as well. As soon the lights dimmed, your heart races in anticipation and as each member comes up on stage, you smile as if you’re about to see your crush and your heart kind of melts.

I was curious to see my friend’s firsts on facebook and I really love the answers because we all start with compelling choices and have molded our musical tastes to the person we are today. I’m sure we all still listen to our guilty pleasures from time to time to reminisce. My guilty pleasure is My Chemical Romance; I know “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” by heart. Happily not ashamed to say it.

Article by Karen Silva

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