Artist Spotlight: Bend Sinister

It’s been a rainy weekend but don’t let that get you down! Bend Sinister is here to save the day with truly awesome music and yes, they are named after Nabakov’s novel. I can definitely say, I would love to hang out and enjoy some whiskey with them.

Their new album, “Animals” is definitely an album to own, it starts on an epic note and continues on some very tremendous tunes. Oh my, these guys are very talented. “Fancy Pants” has to be my favorite track; great vocals, catchy beats, and will definitely make you smile. This album has everything from thunderous drums to an amazing range of vocals. After listening to the whole album, thoroughly repeating several songs. Bend Sinister is definitely a band to see live and also to crush on; their range of sounds is truly addicting.

Article by Karen Silva

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