Best Venues in Manhattan

Spring is here!! Well, the temperature is getting quite promising so fear not we have come up with a promising concert venue list so you can attend the best shows in town. This week we will bring you awesome places based on my experiences in Manhattan.

You can thank us later with a drink, maybe?

5) Webster Hall

125  E 11 St.

We go way back, Webster Hall and I, it’s like that cute guy/girl up you’ve been eyeing all night and you’re kind shy to talk to. #MissedConnection Once you have a few drinks not only will you have an amazing time dancing your ass off but you will talking about it the next day. I highly recommend it if your favorite band plays, my experience seeing Chromeo there was probably the best ever. Yes, at times you will have to bring up your New Yorker attitude to get a drink.

Late Night Eats: Artichoke Pizza & Pommes Frites

4) Bowery Ballroom

6 Delancey Street

The basement bar will always own a place in my heart, the start of a great night usually begins in this bar. It sets the mood to hype you up for the kick ass show you’re about to see along with great service and friendly bartenders. Once the security guard opens that door to upstairs, you will enter a gorgeous place. I was lucky enough to sneak into this place while We Are Scientists was rehearsing and the security guard was more than awesome to let me see a song and then kick us out.

Late Night Eats: MickeyD’s (if you’re feeling brave) & Café Habana

3) Pianos

158 Ludlow

Pianos is possibly my favorite bar/music venue/home away from home ever. Not only does this place have great drinks and amazing service, book awesome bands, but has great acoustics; you feel everything from the bass to the drums. This place is definitely not to be missed especially now that the weather is warming up and definitely has an attractive crowd.

Late Night Eats: Taqueria LES & Creperie

2) Le Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker St.

Every time I pronounce this name I have to fake a french accent because it’s so adorable, sexy, and cozy. I love the fact that any show can feel intimate because  the stage is probably 3 feet high so any time you see an artist or DJ you can literally be 2 feet away from them. I was there for Cut Copy and Jessica 6; both were fantastic experiences, best place to just let loose and enjoy yourself like no one’s watching.

Late Night Eats: Fiore’s Pizza & Miss Lily’s

1) Mercury Lounge

217 East Houston St.

Definitely one of the first places I fell in love with, it’s so inviting and intimate. Great sound system, always draws in a awesome crowd, and reasonably priced drinks. Every time I attended a show there, it has been a fun time; my ultimate experience there was seeing We Are Scientists on New Year’s Eve. (Champagne toast included!)

Late Night Eats: The Meatball Shop & Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.

Article by Karen Silva

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