Little Racer, Honduras, The Teen Age, and White Reaper play Baby’s All Right

On their latest EP Morality Cuts, punk and alternative rock outfit Honduras strike a balance between shorter, hard-hitting numbers and moodier, reflective pop. The EP’s opening number, “Borders,” showcases the band at its hardest with vocalist Pat Phillips spitting out fiery vocal melodies over slightly dissonant chords. The album isn’t only aggression, however. On “Jetlagged,” the Honduras slouches towards dreamy, nostalgic pop that evokes the styles of college rock from the 1980s.

Honduras’s songwriting magic translates easily to the stage. Last Saturday, the four-piece band opened for Little Racer last at All Right Baby in Williamsburg. The show was wildly entertaining, with both bands showing off a tight set.

Honduras powered through “Borders” and other tracks off of Morality Cuts, including the witty, provocative tracks “Son” and “Ace.” But the band’s best performance that evening was of “Alien,” in which Phillips insists, “you’re just an alien like me.”

“Alien’s” music video highlights just what makes Honduras so special. Phillips and the other artists that make up Honduras—guitarist Tyson Moore, bassist Paul Lizarraga, and drummer Josh Wehle—meet up at a rooftop for a series of boxing matches.  The video is filled with images of religious figures and aliens—all of which are depicted as outcasts turned misfits.

“Aliens” and other tracks provided the perfect segue into Little Racer’s performance at All Right Baby.

Little Racer’s set comprised of tracks off their most recent EP, Modern Accent. The EP, which was released on Papercup Music, showcases the band’s ability to effectively combine pop, surf, garage, and indie rock. The lyrics are at once sarcastic and nostalgic, especially on tracks like “Fake French” and “Vanessa.”

Little Racer’s best moment at All Right Baby came from the performance of “Punk Life,” an anthem that’s not just about late nights and late shows, but also about the community of fans that pour into All Right Baby and other venues dotting Brooklyn and Manhattan. That sense of community in the music video for Little Racer’s “Dancing.” Shots of the band performing before a dancing audience are cut by images of sneakers, heels, and sandals. The video is about the best facets of music—playing and listening to music.

Both bands, thankfully, will play music in the coming months. Honduras will be playing at Radio Bushwick next Saturday. They’re also playing at Pianos and Pinebox Rock Shop, on May 10 and May 30 respectively. Little Racer will perform at Pianos next Friday, April 25.

Article by Pam Segura

Photos by Shayne Hanley

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