Blues Rockers Revel In Dimes Play Union Pool

Bringing Blues to Brooklyn, Revel in Dimes blew the roof off Williamsburg’s Union Pool with their high energy  mix of down South blues and rock. Playing along side The Jugs and Jacknife Sympathy on  Wednesday April 23rd, Revel in Dimes came in and conqured the crowd with their gritty guitar and powerful vocals by magnetic front woman Kia Warren.

Opening was Jacknife Sympathy serving rawness with a few originials and a rock infused cover of Steve Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” showcasing singer Vince Parker’s  acrobatic vocals. Psychedelic Bluesmen The Juggs also performed a few songs to whet the crowd’s appetite with their stoner rock tunes that put you in the zone.

Lead singer Kia Warren has quite a command on a crowd, despite her slight frame she packs a big punch with her vocals that are both playful and searing. Managing to be simultaneously vulnerable and venemous,Warren’s delivery is sexy and soulful performing songs  “Last Breath,” and “Shame,” both off  Revel in Dime’s self titled EP. Weilding a tambourine, Warren writhed and two stepped her way across the stage, all the while keeping the audience wrapped around her finger.

Guitarist Eric Simons leaves you feeling nothing short of badass with his gritty, rambling slide  guitar which along with drummer Washington Duke’s tight percussion are an unbeatable combination. Simons performed vocals on “White Lightnin’” a track that is pure Mississippi blues  with its heavy, whiskey soaked, stomping percussion and   growling guitar reminiscent of vintage blues  forefather Muddy Waters.  This is not your typical indie rock, there is nothing clean cut or predictable about Revel in Dimes. They are raw and unpredictable live, ditch the Pabst Blue Ribbon and order some Jameson or Honey Jack on the rocks.

Revel in Dimes is a refreshing change of pace with their unabashed originality and raw energy. Kia Warren’s hypnotic vocals and enticing stage presence are what make Revel in Dimes a band to see live. Paired with Eric Simons’ expert command over the blues  guitar and Washington Duke’s  dynamic percussion, Warren is the cherry on top.

Revel in Dimes can next be seen on July 31st at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY.


Article by Yasmin Martinez

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