Converse Rubber Tracks put on another free show and as usual it was a killer lineup including Creepoid, Screaming Females, and the rock legends Dinosaur Jr. An hour before the doors opened the line to get in snaked around the block in anticipation of what would end up being a memorable rock show.

Creepoid opened the fun with some heavy hitting stoner rock with a short set of upbeat tunes and effortlessly warmed up the early arriving crowd. The Screaming Females followed with some of the best guitar rock this side of the Mason Dixon line as lead singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster just took over and turned heads while at it. Marissa is short in stature but is a giant on stage while constantly flipping her short hair and pulling off the best of rockstar moves with her axe. When going  full throttle this band is a powerhouse and should be considered one of the best new acts out there.

Dinosaur Jr ambled on stage at ten and proceeded to melt everyone’s  face in the sold out Music Hall with a straightforward set of explosive and fuzzy garage rock. There’s not much I can say about these legends that hasn’t been said before but I can tell you that it was loud, like REAL loud due to the 6 Marshall amp stacks that J Mascis loves so much. It was exhilarating being on the floor amidst the moshing and crowdsurfing, almost like I was twenty years old again with not a worry in the world. This band has been at it for over two decades and it shows with some of the tightest rocking music you’re bound to hear anywhere and despite not playing a gig in six months there was absolutely no rust. They played like young men, only taking a short minute to catch their breaths before the amazing jamming finale. After the scorching hour long set with little banter the crowd emptied out into the Williamsburg streets with wide eyed smiles and nodding approvals of what was surely a magical night for all involved.

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley

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