Deluka, will not only melt your heart with their addicting dance tunes but with their charming stage presence.

Their new EP, “Bonds” was released this week with a new sound channeling new West Coast vibes from their recent move from the East Coast. The EP begins new single “Home”, which has been getting amazing reviews and rightfully so. You also might’ve heard Juliette Lewis introduce their song “Sleep is Impossible” on Radio Broker in GTA 5. They are definitely a band that is worthy of praise especially after getting a part in the Rihanna “Budweiser” commercial.

It’s amazing to see a band this great get the praise they deserve, their British charm and spunk will definitely keep you coming back for more. Their track, “American Skies” is a delicious track that will make dance no matter what your mood is with Ellie’s fierce vocals and the bands fantastic synergy; this is could be my ultimate summer song. After 4 years from their memorable, “You Are The Night” having a very New York sound; “Bonds” is a great summer comeback for Deluka!

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Article by: Karen Silva

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