The first time I saw pop/noise-rock band DAMEHT, was early last winter at some dingy, shitty floor in what seemed like an abandoned office/factory building just off Times Square. There wasn’t much lighting, way too many people with limited space, a huge trashcan full of beer, and no emergency exit- so if a fire broke out shit would’ve gotten all Triangle Shirtwaist real fucking quick. Appropriately enough, it was the perfect venue for DAMEHT, which like their environment, seemed as dirty, edgy, and dangerous as the music and lifestyle they represent.

While we were about 7 stories above ground, there was more of an underground feeling to these guys. The quartet of rockers unleash pent up energy and attitude that resemble that of predecessor punk bands of the early 80s, who would take frustrated and misunderstood youth on a ride upon their crazy alcohol and drug-fueled carpet rides. DAMEHT carries the torch that those bands lit back in the day, but add their own fuel to the fire with little bits of pop and glam into the mix. It’s just enough to create a new and original sound that allows bands like this to move rock forward to undiscovered frontiers. I’d like to call it Factory Rock.

Each song is fiercely fueled by singer Rivington Starchild and guitarist Lucas Garzoli. They have their own Steven and Joe on-stage chemistry and natural ability to take a song and really make it dance and come alive. ‘I Love You Too’ and ‘Locked Out Feelings’ have single potential ability, but to really get an idea of the energy and talent that the band can bring you have to see these guys live. In my opinion they don’t seem to be posers, rather legitimate fans of rock, booze, cigarettes, and throwing a party for people who share a burning desire to say ‘fuck it’ and let loose via their music.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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