With the evolution of electronic music production software and electronic musical instrumentation, New York has become flooded with incredibly talented artists taking advantage of the advancements in music tech to help music move forward into uncharted territory. Electro-Pop artist Psychic Twin is one of those artists here in New York who continues to push the boundaries on what music lovers would want to hear. By fusing together synth sounds with rock style songwriting Psychic Twin comes forth inviting us into her eclectic musical imagination, full of romantic yet mysterious elements that most probably can’t fathom, it seems to be a pretty cool place though. Kind of like if Alice in Wonderland took place in North Brooklyn.

Known to her friends and day-time colleagues as Erin Fein, Psychic Twin is about two years into her musical journey. I’m not sure what her goals, dreams, and desires are, but through her music they seem to be translated into an understandable language of binary code. You can hear the 80s new-wave, almost Blondie-esque and Carah Faye influences in her singing and musical style. The second song off her LP, Strangers, is the pop-friendly ‘Dreamstate’. Its atmospheric themes with subtle yet integral guitar and drumming throughout make it a song that might define her bands signature sound.

I’ve always loved music that makes me feel like I’ve entered a TRON-like world and makes me forget for a brief moment how much I love loud, crunchy rock guitars. It’s a brief break from reality, almost like a musical orgasmic state. When I put the headphones on and listen to an artist like Psychic Twin I reach that state. Good music does that to you, it takes you to places you never thought you’d go, opens your imagination to create new thoughts and feelings you wouldn’t have thought of without, and brings you to understand new sounds and themes and what is possible via musical expression. Psychic Twin has the potential to keep opening those doors to others as longs as she keeps kicking those doors down herself.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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