Join Pancakes + Whiskey TONIGHT at Cameo Gallery to celebrate its first birthday bash! Along with artists Motion Studies, Psychic Twin, and New Myths, P+W is excited to announce its special guest, Leisure Cruise!

Leisure Cruise is Dave Hodge and Leah Siegel. Hodge, a Canada-born musician, arranger, and composer is widely known as a member of Broken Social Scene and Bran Van 3000 and has performed with artists Macy Gray, Feist, & Basement Jaxx just to name a few; while singer/songwriter, Siegel, a fixture in the local NYC/Brooklyn scene, is known for her solo project Firehorse and her role in The Citizens Band.

In the past year, Leisure Cruise has steadily gained momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. After just two months writing, recording, and mixing, the duo presented their new project in March 2013 – Leisure Cruise – with a self-titled debut album comprised of dark-yet-danceable synth-heavy anthems.

With the recent discovery of three new planets in the Lyra constellation and society’s leisurely attitude toward the current state of the environment, Hodge & Siegel touched on a major what if: What if we had to leave earth and colonize a new planet? From there, the story of Leisure Cruise was born. The album glides through the concept of humanity’s journey to a new, uninhabited planet; “one final leisure cruise for the human race.”

“We’re sort of living our lives in a state of leisure,” Hodge says, “with regards to using up resources and knowing what’s happening and not really doing much about it.” Although the name touches on a somewhat gloomy subject, Leisure Cruise’s music is anything but. “It’s not this apocalyptic thing,” says Siegel, of the concept. “We’d elect to make a purposeful and exciting exit. Try something new. In my head, I see it as a natural progression in the hopefully delayed inevitable.”

The duo’s sound melds together bits and pieces of a wide range of influences. Imagine Bowie meets female Prince with an added dash of shimmer a la BROODS. Adding to the already impressive album are featured guests such as Jimmy Shaw (Metric), Tommy Kessler (Blondie), Liam O’Neil (the Stills), Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene), and Adrian Eccleston (Drake).

With an album this incredible, the live show is definitely not to be missed! So join us TONIGHT at Cameo Gallery for a night of great music, FREE whiskey cocktails from 7-8 provided by Bulleit Whiskey, and whiskey-infused ice cream sandwiches, I repeat WHISKEY INF– USED ICE CREAM SANDWICHES, by our friends at Tipsy Scoop!

Article by: Lindsey Gardner

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