Sunday night, we all said a bittersweet goodbye to Grand Cousin as they left the Arlene’s Grocery stage after their final performance as a band. The alt-pop/rock trio has been playing together for 4 years since meeting as freshman at Wesleyan University. From playing fraternity parties to rocking out some of NYC’s best venues, Grand Cousin quickly rose to the top and showed no signs of stopping…that is until the recent announcement that the EP release show would also be their last.

The closest thing to magic in this world is when songwriting skills and vocals a la Henry Hall meet the incredible raw talent of Evan Low (drums) and Robby Caplan (bass). Between the witty-yet-accessible lyrics and the contagious energy of every track, it’s impossible to have a bad day while listening to Grand Cousin’s music.

In spite of it being the last show, the energy was high as the audience sang and danced along to favorites such as “Take You Out,” “Camera“, and the band’s latest single: “Oxygen.” A few covers were sprinkled in as well including a couple Radiohead tracks that really showed off Hall’s vocals as well as Marvin Gaye’s crowd-pleaser “Let’s Get It On.”

To be honest, if you’ve never seen Grand Cousin live, I’m sorry to say you definitely missed out but you can still get the experience with their recently released self-titled EP. You’ll probably want to keep it on repeat until their solo projects make a debut in the near future.

Article by: Lindsey Gardner

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