Follow The Nomad is a magical journey brought to life by music producer Dallas Austin (Michael Jackson, Rihanna, TLC, just to name a few) & songstress Naz Tokio. 

Long-time friends and writing partners, Austin and Tokio joined forces to create a new genre all their own. With gypsy influence and hippie vibes, Follow the Nomad is good energy in audible form. With two singles released to date, we only have a glimpse of what’s to come from this power duo. The latest release is the impressive, energetic anthem, “Little Ones” – a modern, roaming western-inspired track filled with dusty wooden textures and haunting yet cheerful lyrics.  The debut single, “Beat and Path” tells the story of how one laugh can change the course of a bad day. The video is light and airy and follows the duo on a dancing adventure through a bohemian desert setting.

Follow the Nomad is currently touring the West Coast and plans to release its debut EP this fall. Follow the Nomad on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, Soundcloud.

Article by: Lindsey Gardner

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