Ke$ha has taught our society one thing, and that’s if you wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, you brush your teeth with some Jack Daniels. However, what she didn’t realize was that Puff Daddy himself got his daily “that’s so metal” inspiration from, well, this dude.

Will Williams is the new Pancakes and Whiskey hero since the only thing we love more than writing about indie bands and the finest distilled alcoholic beverages is watching people drink way too much way too quickly. In 13 seconds he skulls a 70cl bottle of the nectar of the Gods securing himself a place in our hearts and probably a gutter somewhere. The best part? He doesn’t even seem phased. We bet Will Williams has never even heard the word “chaser.” Will Williams laughs in the face of mixed drinks and cocktails umbrellas. We’re going to stop ourselves before this turns into some sort of Chuck Norris style post, but the video is definitely worth a watch.

Williams’ impressive drinking skills make us wish America hadn’t broken away from the Monarchy. Maybe we would all be that blessed.

Bottoms up!

*Disclaimer: We do not suggest trying this and as always be responsible while drinking and NEVER EVER drink and drive!

Article by: Erin Browne

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