I usually wouldn’t condone inviting a total stranger to an event where you’re stuck with each other for at least three hours, but it turns out that under the right circumstances, a show is actually the perfect venue for a first date.

I recently bought tickets for a fantastic show, and for whatever reason, could not get any of my friends to go to with me. Meanwhile, I had been chatting with a guy on Tinder who shares the same taste in music as me (and I may have been a little bit tipsy the night before), so I said fuck it and invited him. To my surprise, he said yes.

We had a good time. However, I’m fairly certain he was more interested in a job than he was in me, considering how the first hour felt like an interview. He also practically ran away after a very quick goodbye to chase after girls conventionally hotter than I. Although that part was bullshit, at least he made for a decent concert buddy, he appreciated the show, it wasn’t totally painful talking shop, and I realized his deal without investing too much time or emotion.

Danielle once went on an OKCupid date to a show with a guy who was a solid 12 years older than her. The date was a total bust with zero chemistry, but he brought her to see a band that she was totally into at an awesome venue in lower East Side called The Living Theater, in a basement with a makeshift bar and a friendly (and sharing) crowd. Unfortunately, the “utopian” performance space is now closed.

Our dates may have sucked, but we realized that a show is actually the perfect place to bring an online or blind date as they provide the opportunity to quickly learn a lot of critical information about them, such as:

Whether or not they have good concert etiquette, which is obviously crucial.

What type of drinking patterns they have.

How they interact in social situations.

If they’re physically attracted to you, as determined by their body language and mannerisms during the show.

If they have a wandering eye.

How cheap or not cheap they are.

Most importantly, what their dance moves are all about.

If you are so brave as to ask your online interest to go to a show with you, there are some dos and don’ts to consider…


Have one shot of whiskey before meeting, but only one. Because that’s just what you do before a blind date.

Meet at a bar before hand for one drink (and maybe a snack) to determine if they’re totally nuts or not. If so, fake a stomach ache, or just be upfront with an honest #no.

Pick a show in a genre that you know they will enjoy and appreciate.

Go to a venue you’ve been to before with reasonably priced drinks that’s preferably at least 18 and up.

Dance, if it’s a dance-y show. They’re probably not going to even try if you don’t.


Get wasted. At least try your best not to.

Go to a show you absolutely love. You won’t want to babysit or feel like you can’t be present because you’re worried about what they’ll think of you.

Go to a show a bunch of your friends are going to. Way too risky for unnecessary awkwardness, and they could potentially feel tricked or trapped.

Ask them to pay for their ticket, or accept money if they try. That’s just silly, no matter your gender.

Be offended if they’re not into it. That’s their prerogative, man.

Really most importantly, just have fun and be yourself. If they’re not into it, they’re probably not worth your time. Just saying.

Any dos or don’ts to add? Leave them in the comments!

Co-written by Shannon Byrne and Danielle Fleischman


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