Fans, high school friends, and family filled filled Cameo Gallery on Saturday night as indie alt-rock band Braeves celebrated the release of their new EP, Drifting By Design. The four-piece group performed with a musically powerful, yet not overpowering performance. I always really enjoy seeing a guitar band that can play a solid rock show without making me feel like I just stood in front of a wall of Marshall amps for hours. Their subtle yet tone-defined sound made for a tight performance solid set of new material. Always a fantastic mixture.

Throughout their nine-song set the Long Island rock group engulfed the packed venue with the chill and dreamy guitar sounds and welcoming tenor vocals of Ryan Colt Levy. There’s a lot of really good songwriting potential in ‘Guest of the Gun’ and ‘Iron Hands’, as both songs feature wide ranges of melodies and guitar styles. Watching the band perform really made me appreciate the combination of Levy and Nick LaFalce’s guitar playing. The subtle approach of the two complimenting each other made for a really attractive sound, as they clearly have the rhythm and lead roles down perfectly.

Of course what’s a set full of really good originals without a great cover thrown into the mix. The band’s revamped and re-energized cover of Fleetwood Macs ‘Little Lies’ really showcased the bands ability to perform other bands songs with their own style at a high level. Well played fellas. I highly recommend that you give the new EP a listen by streaming Drifting By Design below.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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