Puss N Boots are an Americana/country trio who are helping introduce an old style of music to generations of new fans, and they’re doing a damn good job at it if you ask me. The talented girl group made up of Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, and Catherine Popper, give music fans fresh sounding alternative folk/country music without spilling too far into either genre.

They recently did a video with Lambkini taking fans inside the studio with the band, as they talk about coming together as a group and perform a really cool live/studio performance of ‘Sex Degrees of Separation’ from their first album. Audio nuts can also take notes on some of the production comments producer/engineer Joel Hamilton gives on microphone strategies used for the recording of the album.

The bands sound and style is a perfect mix of the chemistry and talent of the three musicians that make up the band, whose songwriting and guitar playing styles mesh perfectly. That doesn’t come as often and as easy as we may think however. I was fortunate enough to speak briefly with Sasha Dobson about what it was like working on a project like this.

“A lot of it is luck.” She quickly pointed out. “To sing and perform well together is really rare, like any musical connection. It’s more about space and chemistry, less technical and more just about a natural blend like any kind of relationship.”

The ‘Behind the Glass’ video takes us into the studio with the trio recording some Pro-Tools sessions. The girls also talk about their experience getting a chance to step out of their usual music roles and taking on new chances with instruments they wouldn’t usually play.

“I guess the best part is that in any project, the further along you get in your career, the more specific you have to be to express yourself. Audiences may begin to build an expectation to exactly what they think you’re going to do, so it’s fun for us to change it up and not do things just one way.” Sasha noted.

One of the things I personally loved about the album is how natural and organic the recordings sounded. Of course most of that has to do with the amazing talent that the three musicians have. I asked Sasha about the process of how they went about recording the songs without having to over-produce with all the ProTools gadgetry artists use today.

“The entire album was recorded in two days, live to tape, in one room, and no click. It really worked out because we kind of know our limitations; we’re just playing from our heart. We wanted it to sound like we sound live. There weren’t any big expectations for getting a record deal, we just wanted to put an honest record out”.

Puss N Boots’ debut album, No Fools, No Fun was released back in July and the band will be starting off on a short east coast tour on October 1 taking them from Virginia to Rhode Island.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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