Over a particularly nice glass of Russian vodka, I had the splendid opportunity last Tuesday to Skype with one Stockholm’s finest, Linus Lutti of “one man band” Little Children. Linus has been in the music game for a good minute but now he wants to make music on his terms and has a new direction for his music. Recently having been featured on Grey’s Anatomy and VICE’s Noisey, the expectations for Children’s newly released “Hey, Hey” sets a high standard for indie music. Little Children’s recent release is similar to a Beck California-Western ballad with a little psychedelic crime novella ambiance in for good measure. “Hey, Hey” is reminiscent of music featured in the credits of a film shot in Seattle circa 1999; the music video a bit grunge, a bit sweet, far-out, and chalk full of the youthful spark that defines Little Children.

When listening to his newest EP, I imagine smoking a Vogue cigarette out on a ferry on the Puget Sound in October, wind blowing on my face. Pensive yet smiling- thinking about my adolescence. The sorrowful charm present in Little Children’s art is proclaimed to be due to its inception in Lutti’s home country of Sweden and the adolescence he endured there. Sweden’s rainy weather went hand in hand with the artists lonely childhood, his memories greatly influenced the nostalgic and up tempo melodies featured in Little Children’s songs “By Your Side”, “Distant Shouts”, and “Salvation” (available on Soundcloud for a good listen.) Present in those songs are a self-awareness and ability to understand the world and the complexity of emotions.

Lutti has also earned a degree in Psychology and bartends in Stockholm when he isn’t at his home producing. His education and constant contact with different people of all personalities, forms further insight into the human experience which is present in the lyrics written. For Little Children, music is therapy and there will never be an end to creating. For Little Children, music is a means for life’s expression, and that for a seasoned music lover, is cool to hear. It is always a delight to know an artist is making music for music’s sake and not for profit. Little Children rather the people of the world just listen to the music he makes- take it slow, drink it in, do not simply listen to anything for one minute and get bored, for art should mean more than that.

Lutti says if you see him at his show don’t be afraid to talk. Little Children doesn’t mind if you hate his music or if it bores you. ” I’d rather have the truthful opinion of the masses than reviews from the press.” Lutti stated.

Check out Little Children’s new music for yourself and take Linus Lutti’s advice. Let the melodies soak in. I promise, the tracks composition and lyrics are original, truthful, and charming- just like Lutti.

Article by: Marissa Mireles

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