I was out with the big guy last Sunday (after church of course), at a venue in the Village I don’t stop by too often, Le Poisson Rouge. Now you may be asking yourself, ‘Tom, why would you be out at a venue when both of your teams are losing in Fantasy at the moment and you’re getting over strep throat?’ Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t your typical Sunday night show.

As part of the Lagunitas Couch Trippin’ to New Orleans tour, the beer company rolled their caravan in and provided their RSVP-only guests with free beer all night and some ‘freaktacular’ entertainment, including sword swallowers, Chinese acrobatic gymnasts, man & woman balancing acts, some guy dressed like an African big can crawling around all over the fucking place, and interestingly painted women walking around with umbrellas looking like they just stepped out of a deck of cards.

Of course the highlight of the night was getting to see experimental rockers MAN MAN rock out and throw a party for a bunch of freeloaders like Jon and myself on the Lord’s day. I had never seen Man Man live, but was quickly taken in by how exciting and energetic they are in person. Lead by frontman and ivory tickler Honus Honus, the four-piece band loved to rock hard to the unique sounding beat of their own drum. Compared to a less-pop version of contemporaries like Modest Mouse or The Features, the band rages with electric charisma and various pulsating instrumentation. Dancing around to songs in the set like ‘Top Drawer’, ‘Loot My Body’ always make for a great time, especially after three or four Lagunitas beers.

Article by: Tom Shackleford





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