Jake Hays, son of legendary Runaways singer Cherie Currie, has taken cues from his rock’n’roll genetics, and formed Los Angeles based solo project, Maudlin Strangers. Creating haunting musical soundscapes of dark indie pop, Hays has given Pancakes and Whiskey an insight into the visual accompaniment to his track, Overdose. Engineered and produced in his bedroom in Agoura Hills, Hays’ Overdose EP goes beyond crowded clubs and furtive flirting, entering a world of sex, love and desire.

Although comprising of dulcet tones, the six-track EP combines transcending themes of echoed vocals, matched with heavy bass lines colliding together in a mash-up of upbeat and sinister lyrics. “Stay Young,” and “Penny,” are among the gritty tunes presented and show a range of musical talent, giving way to urgent percussive beats and almost psychedelic undertones in each, respectively.

The main event for the show, Overdose, combines a visually appealing video clip slinking onto our screens and holding true to the overpowering themes mentioned earlier. Lit by backlights and a screen portraying visual collaborations with the lyrics, Hays is kept center stage, contained in a veil of mystery and smoke. The hypnagogic resemblance the song provides its audience caters fully to the EP’s persona and plays perfectly on overcast days or driving in the rain as pictured within the clip.

If you like dirty indie rock with a twist of sex appeal, Maudlin Strangers is definitely a must hear, must see.

For further information on the EP check out their website or soundcloud, with upcoming gigs available on their Facebook page.

Article by: Aneeta Bhole


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