Intrepid Norwegian quintet, Highasakite, have taken indie pop in a completely new direction.

Given the chance, Pancakes & Whiskey have scooped up the opportunity to show their new music video, Darth Vader, a track featured on their April released album, Silent Treatment.

Combining Ingrid Helene Håvik on zither, steeldrum and vocals, Trond Bersu on drums, Øystein Skar and Marte Eberson on synths and Kristoffer Lo on guitar and flugabone, the band have managed to create a completely unique sound, giving the impression of echoing resonance throughout their album.

With Influences from Margaret O’Hara, Fever Ray, Bulgarian vocal choirs and references to popular culture stemming from both New York and Istanbul, the eccentricities of their music can be heard distinctly through each track.

Among their talents the group portray, whimsical and somewhat innocent undertones to their video clips, as can be seen in other tunes on their album, such as My Soldier and hit single Since Last Wednesday.

Throwing away responsibility and transporting us back to the days of carefree summer’s and scraped knees, Darth Vader follows the journey of a young boy succumb by “the dark side of the force.”

With a “give no fucks,” attitude and ripped jeans, the boy appropriately accompanies the track showing an age of innocence and the do now, think later, novelties of being a kid.

The combination of calypso percussion, idiosyncratic vocals and an upbeat melody gives way to the inner child of the Galactic Empires footman, contrasting to the nature of the songs namesake.

Leaving you with a sense of hopefulness and nostalgia, this song will keep you utterly impressed with both the band and the solid disregard for authority shown throughout the clip.

Highasakite is definitely a band to keep your eye on, look out for other songs on their album Silent Treatment, listed below:

Lover, Where Do You Live?

Since Last Wednesday

Leaving No Traces


My Only Crime

I, the Hand Grenade

Darth Vader”


The Man on the Ferry

Science & Blood Tests

Article by: Aneeta Bhole


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