Finally, thanks to Jukebox The Ghost, the world now has not only the synth pop album that it needs but the synth pop album it deserves.

On October 21st, Jukebox the Ghost invited friends, family, and fans to join them high above Manhattan to the rooftop of The Standard hotel to celebrate the release of their self-titled fourth album. The band has been teasing the release of the album by releasing tracks here and there including single “The Great Unknown” and other catchy pieces of pop perfection like “Sound of a Broken Heart” and “Postcard.” The album officially dropped on the 21st, however it was streaming in full on the Wall Street Journal for about a week before release.

With lower Manhattan glittering through tall glass doors behind them, the New York based trio played the album from top to bottom, despite never having played some of the tracks for an audience before. The self-titled album is still filled with the same infectious pop that Jukebox the Ghost has become known for, but with more synth and a few stylistic risks, this album is a distinct maturation in sound. For the first time in JBtheG history, vocalist and guitarist Tommy Siegel straps on a bass for a few tracks. An even more shocking (and exciting) first is drummer Jesse Kristin’s vocal action on track “Hollywood.” His vocal debut was met with deafening and enthusiastic roars on Tuesday, which seemed to relieve Kristin immensely. Hopefully more vocal solos will be in his future.

Tuesday wasn’t just a celebration of a new album for Ben Thornewill, Siegel and Kristin though. They were also celebrating ten years as a band. Ten years is a long time for anything, and with that time comes a growth and connection that is painstakingly built and not something that comes right off the bat. It is apparent in their stage banter and overall presence that these three still enjoy not just playing music together but also being around each other after all these years, and that energy comes through tenfold in their music. The album is filled with nuances that come with being a band for so long. Jukebox the Ghost has never been tighter.

The album, and so the album release show, ends with two softer tracks. The penultimate “Undeniable You” is a heartbreaking and earnest piece sung by Thornewill, that was so beautifully executed live it was almost trance inducing. The album ends with “Show Me Where it Hurts” a track sung by Siegel and sounds convincingly like it could have been co-written with Taylor Goldsmith. To end the release party on a more “party vibe” the three played crowd favorite “Somebody” off 2012’s “Safe Travels.”

Jukebox the Ghost are unlike any other band on the scene right now, and their live shows are something that should not be missed. They head out on a short tour starting November 1st, and “Jukebox the Ghost” is available now. Be sure to check out our newest Whiskey Session with Jukebox The Ghost here.

Article by: Erin Browne

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