If you’re a fan of Halloween, or anything horror related, surely you’ve been getting ready for the big day by partaking in all the festivities you can. Pumpkin picking, carving one of those pumpkins into a jack-o-lantern, frequenting haunted houses with your friends, indulging in pumpkin flavored everything while it lasts, and of course playing some creepy tunes that are good all year around, but especially in the wake of Halloween.

We’ve compiled a list of disturbingly dark and eerie songs to check out this week. Whether you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party, or just cruising to work through the fall foliage, give this playlist a listen to get ready for the bewitching hour. Here are our top picks.

“Convinced of the Hex”, The Flaming Lips

The creepy guitar chords and simple lyrics will keep you looking over your shoulder in a room by yourself.

“Pet Cemetery”, The Ramones

There are so many good things about this one. The name being taken from the classic horror film is great in itself. The fact that it was written by such a legendary band makes it even better. Listen to Pet Cemetery and then watch the movie. You’ll be all set for Halloween.

“Wicked Annabella”, The Kinks

English band The Kinks created this mellow, foreboding song about mysterious Annabella. She mixes her brew and keeps other tricks up her sleeve at night.

“Halloween”, The Misfits

The song title speaks for itself. Who better to write a slightly disturbing song about Halloween than horror-punk-rock group, The Misfits? Halloween was the fifth single released by the band on October 31, 1981. Also check out AFI’s cover of Halloween from the All Hallow’s EP, which is being re-released by Nitro Records on vinyl this month!

“Halloween”-Fall Children, AFI

This is a personal favorite, though anything by AFI is a personal favorite. This song perfectly describes the anticipation of Halloween night, which if you’re like me, lasts 364 days a year. The lyric “Fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last it all will begin” sets the scene of All Hallows Eve so well. This song is on repeat all month long.

“Halloween Head”, Ryan Adams

If you have a head full of tricks and treats that leads you through the nighttime streets, this song is for you.

“Lullaby”, The Cure

The dark orchestral sound and whispering lyrics from this one are anything but a lullaby. The Spider Man is eating you tonight in this song by a band with a notoriously dark esthetic and sound.

“This House is Haunted”, Alice Cooper

The hushed whispers in the background make it sound like you’re actually in the haunted house. A booming guitar comes in halfway through the song, creating a feeling of panic. All the while Cooper is singing to a lost loved one who is still in the house with him, and he doesn’t seem to mind.

“Black Sabbath”, Black Sabbath

This first song off their debut album is slow but heavy. “Big black shape with eyes of fire, telling people their desire. Satan’s sitting there, he’s smiling”.

“This is Halloween”, Marilyn Manson

In this rendition of Danny Elfman’s This Is Halloween, Manson brings his sinister sound to make a dark song even darker.

“Making Christmas”, Rise Against

Punk band Rise Against can make anything sound good, whether it’s a cover of “Anyway you Want It”, by Journey, or Making Christmas.

“Kidnap The Sandy Claws”, Korn

Korn is another band that has a darker sound and the ability to twist something already menacing into an even more ominous piece. Job well done with that.

Whoever decided to have these artists cover the movie’s songs was on to something. The pairings of The Nightmare Before Christmas and these rockers were matches made in hell. You can listen to the full cover album here.

Enjoy these Halloween approved tunes and don’t go into any dark forests by yourself!

Playlist by: Ashley Rodriguez



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