We were lucky to grab Horse Thief during their very busy CMJ Music Marathon week to perform this beautiful Whiskey Session at the Hotel On Rivington. “Little Dust” is born and bred from the Oklahoma and Texas plains where country music, religion and football rule the long and hot days. This could be a song about drugs, religion, or never having to say you’re sorry but in the end only Cameron Neal knows what – “Sitting in the mouth of a big-toothed giant…Looking out his lips and enjoying the silence” really means. Horse Thief, which is normally a 5 piece band capable of many styles, made a big name for themselves during CMJ while playing a ton of amazing gigs. The psychedelic folk-rock band is currently in Europe touring on their 2nd LP – “Fear In Bliss.”

Video: Gabello Studios

Article by: Shayne Hanley

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