Fresh off their CMJ appearance this year, Tennessee rockers Colony House spent a bit of time with us playing a super catchy tune called “Silhouettes”. Although stripped down for our session, lead singer Caleb Chapman’s lyrics “Did you lose something? / Or someone you love? / You’ve still got that story tell it every morning” inspires us all to keep living our life in spite of everything. The band manages to deliver this message in an upbeat way, coupled with strong vocals, jubilant tambourines and an infectious groove that you can’t help to dance around to.

Have a listen to their debut album, “When I Was Younger”, available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Also, mark your calendars for November 11; the trio is kicking off a tour with Augustana and River City Extension that I suggest no one miss.

Video: Gabello Studios

Article: Lesley Keller


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