In Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati performs a dance called Lasya. The dance embodies beauty, happiness, and grace, and is a response to the cosmic dance of Parvati’s husband, Lord Shiva. Through Lasya, Parvati channels the male energy of her husband to create something beautiful.

This mythological dance is what inspired Zoya, a Boston-based singer-songwriter and recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, in the creation of her visual EP entitled Lasya. The EP is set to be released next week.

Zoya, who grew up dancing, recruited three female dancers to choreograph to her songs.

“I wanted to give them something to see what they create off of someone else’s art,” she explains.

The dances include both ballet as well as classical Indian dance. Zoya, who was born in New Delhi, draws from her Indian roots, but she also makes it a point to incorporate sounds from a variety of cultures in her songwriting.

“I draw elements from a bunch of different stuff I like,” she says. “Using different instruments – an African drum, for example – has a different impact on my voice and what I do with the melodies. I try to collect sounds from around the world that fit with the lyrics.”

Zoya’s music is fusion folk. She is a curator of sounds, ultimately pairing exotic instruments with her colorful vocals. In her songwriting, she is most inspired by female artists – some of her influences include Ingrid Michaelson, Fiona Apple, and Ani DiFranco. Her current EP, Letters To Toska, couples golden soprano melodies with foreign instrumentation, creating a distinct, soothing sound.

In addition to Lasya, Zoya is working on an album to be released early next year. The album, The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room, will include a mix of new songs as well as three songs Zoya wrote when she was a teenager.

Stay tuned for the release of Lasya, and in the meantime, stream the vibrant Letters To Toska here.

Article by: Alexa Tietjen

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