Dreamy, soft keys mix in with the soft crooning of Katherine and Wilson Brown, better known as Alagoas. The Brooklyn and Sāo Paolo based band are releasing their self titled debut album later this month on November 25, and are giving us a preview with their gorgeous music video for “The Weather.”

Not unlike fellow husband and wife duo Mates of State, their music lives largely on sweeping yet simple melodies accentuating the tender banter in between the two. “The Weather” is a lo-fi song – the Browns sing the same notes without harmonizing, while punctuated beats and little fidgety noises that build up around this main melody, hitting it’s peak at the more fast paced chorus. The music video – nostalgic shots of travels in Brazil – is cut perfectly to the rhythm of the song. This video is one of the precursors for the debut record of the couple, and it’s a perfect preview of what it’s going to come for us right around Thanksgiving: Beautifully sweet indie pop.

Article by: Julia Maehner

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