Surf Rock is Dead is a NYC couch-surfer’s dream. It has the punch to get you off your ass but has enough of the cheerful/nostalgic melodies to keep you going, enough passion to keep riding the concrete ocean swells in a hopeful underemployed bliss. SRiD is a memory of a time passed, like the lost single off of a Orange County soundtrack. The music holds rosy glasses up to your eyes and asks you to remember your first love back in middle school – and instead of seeing the jerry curled giant you remembered, it would be a beach babe asking how the tide was and if you wanted fish tacos with your corona. Kevin Pariso and Joel Wittenberg are two dudes from Brooklyn who like to have fun and go with the flow. Their band started out a bit by accident and with one of the artists being from Melbourne, Australia one might wonder how they even got the chance to meet, let a long make music together. It is indeed a wonder, and a fun one to ponder.

If you want to check out Surf Rock is Dead you should take a peek at their soundcloud, where they have recently debuted their EP “Equinox,” their facebook and also at this fun interview I got with one of the band members, Kevin Pariso, so maybe some of your questions may be answered on just how surf rock is not dead.

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P&W: So, Surf Rock is Dead. Was it even really alive? And if it is dead, it seems that your band is bringing it back from the crypt. What inspired you to do this? The beach boys?

Kevin: Surf Rock was Alive. Just watch the intro scene to Pulp Fiction and you’ll know. Beach Boys are great but I don’t think they had anything to do with this.

P&W: It has been said (in your bio) your music is reminiscent of a hangover.. are we talking a tequila hangover or a bad batch of Vodka?

In my experience, definitely Vodka. There are plenty of bad batches out there and my college self had one too many. Half-gallon for $9.99 and that’s gonna happen.

P&W: Where did your band begin? 

I grew up near Chicago and Joel I believe near Melbourne, Australia.   We formed here in NYC. We both individually had some kinda chill electro solo stuff we worked on by ourselves and one day we decided to jam together. But bleepy bloop computer stuff just isn’t fun to jam on so we picked up gtr+bass and looped a simple beat and just had a blast. We never really decided to form a band together, it kind of just happened.

P&W: You are inspired by the thin line between wake and sleep? Have you seen a waking life? Is that the gist of it?

Haha no I don’t know what you mean by that. What it really means is that sometimes the brain is most creative and spontaneous in the dreamy haze when you’re still awake but teetering on the edge of sleep.   This happens to me all the time, most infamously when I was a student in class.

P&W: Why do you only have one song on your facebook! your eager fans need more! when will your tour be? when will your lp come out?

Because we just formed! We are actively recording and imagine to be releasing more material soon. We may have a local residency in the works but shows to come soon.

P&W: Oh, yeah, may I have your names and a little information about your musical history?

Me llamo Kevin Pariso (Kdawg or Kevmeister). Got a guitar for Christmas when I was 12 and the rest is history.

P&W: Any bands that have inspired your lackluster surfs up bro attitude?

Astrud Gilberto’s rare smile inspires me.

P&W: What do you want people to take from your music?

Find enjoyment in the simplicity of the depth

P&W: What are your plans for 2015?

Not to hype NYE too much, imagine February doesn’t exist, and work on releasing exciting music and playing great shows.

Article by: Marissa Mireles

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