What will be my first of 365 album reviews taking place in 2015 belong to none other than hometown Brooklyn band Lazyeyes. Only appropriate that the first album reviewed in this New Year, be titled New Year.

They fit right in with the indie-guitar rock scene taking over Brooklyn at the moment. The five-song album does stand out with songs showcasing dream-like filters and mellow themes. It also allows the guitar band to choose tone quality over power, which is something that every young guitar player should take note of.

The band’s songwriting on the album is best showcased in “Windowsill,” which both musically and lyrically asks you “How does it feel?” as the semi-psychellidic song allows you to close you’re eyes and create your own perception of what the song is trying to tell you. In addition, “New Year” easily tells a story of optimistic growth and need for change within ones own life, maybe coming out of a relationship or just in general looking forward to fresh beginnings.

Like most bands being swallowed in the oversaturation of hipster-rock in Brooklyn these days, there’s just only so much vocal and guitar line layering and reverb before it becomes difficult to appreciate the song at its core, which is evident in “Darling Dear.”

Whiskey Rating: 3 out of 5 Shots

Article By: Tommy Shackleford

Cover photo: Son Le

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