Drgn King is Dominic Angelella’s project he started with hip hop producer Brent Reynolds. In this Whiskey Session Angelella is joined by guitarist Lucy Stone for an intimate rendition of the song “St. Toms.” The refrain “Make the best of that night / Tomorrow we might be dead” flows nicely into “All of the kids and all their friends are suicidal.” It’s a heavy topic, which muses on a lost innocence and memories from a sad childhood. The message is made more poignant by its intimate context and Angelella’s delicately wavering voice. The repeated “I want you to see oh come and see what we have done” ends the song on note of childish wonderment with Stone and Angelella’s harmonizing nicely. Check out DRGN KING playing at the Knitting Factory on January 15th.


Video: Standard Production

Article by: Steven Klett

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