Liquid lunch was the theme of the day on Friday, as I headed up to midtown for a special private luncheon at Houndstooth Pub. The special mid-day drinking event was in celebration of the launch of Crown Royal’s newest baby, Regal Apple.

The event, lead by Whiskey Master Stephen Wilson himself, featured tastings of Crowd Deluxe, which is of course is a blend of 50 whiskeys, initially conceived for British royals on their trip to Canada hundreds of years ago. Of course the event also featured tastings of Royal Apple. Guests were able to taste the newest variant both straight, and mixed in some very delicious custom cocktails designed by bartenders at Houndstooth.

The apple-flavored whiskey, which should not be confused with those sugar-filled Pinnacle flavored Vodkas that sorority girls drink to annoyance, is perfectly crafted and balanced spirit, that is perfect for expanding you whiskey palette into new horizons. With a lowered proof for more mixability, the pleasantly pungent with a signature sweet apple scent. I instantly noticed it was thicker with a bit more viscosity than it’s family members, but still had that perfect balance of apple spices and that traditional Crown Royal oaky taste.

“We didn’t want anything overly sweet that would make people think it’s artificial.” Stephen said during the tastings. “The balance allows the whiskey to match perfectly with the natural sweetness and sugars of the apples we used to make it.”

It really was a perfect balance, and a perfect flavor for those late summer and early fall days. I can only imagine how well this whiskey would taste mixed with some hot, homemade cider, or maybe used as a substitution in a hot toddy on a cold winter day. While I’m not usually a fan of flavored liquors (I’m more of a supporter of a skilled bartender creating flavors via natural ingredients) I can tell that there were no artificial shortcuts used in making this spirit, and that the craftsmanship was truly a painstakingly organic process. My recommendation for a great cocktail with this whiskey – The Apple Highball, made with Regal Apple, pineapple juice, bitters, ginger ale, and garnished of course, with a slice of apple.

Article by: Tommy Shackleford


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