Like many people my age, I’ve been watching The Daily Show for what seems like forever. Craig Kilborn hosted the Daily Show first, and it was Kilborn’s Daily Show that originated the theme song “Dog on Fire” by Husker Du frontman Bob Mould and the Moment of Zen. Kilborn gave up the show after 2 years, to go on to bigger and better things like that bit part in Old School.

Craig Kilborn’s Final Moments:


Jon Stewart knew what he had, and ran with it and over the next 16 years he has created an institution that is unparalleled in comedy history. The format has stayed mostly the same: Bit 1, Bit 2, Interview, but under his helm, it became something else completely. It was brilliant, and a factory churning out comedians and writers that have gone on to become just as big in their own right.

Here’s his first episode

John Oliver, Ed Helms, Steve Carell, Wyatt Cenac, Josh Gad, Rob Corddry all basically got their breaks from The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert was actually there before Jon Stewart, but it was after Stewart’s success that he was able to create his own show.


Jon Stewart actually has no part in this

While under Kilborn’s leadership, the show felt more like a pre-cursor to Talk Soup than what would eventually be the Daily Show as we know it now. Eventually, Stewart maneuvered the show into a more political direction, interviewing politicians, heads of state, and Nobel Prize winners. He held his own against great minds, and it showed they respected him for that. And for a comedian, he was damn good at his job; the rumor was that he had been considered for a job at Meet The Press.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart


Stewart debating Hitchens and holding his own

He, of course, would not take the job, he had other considerations. His first movie, Rosewater, came out last year, although his popularity on TV did not translate to box office success—considering the unfunny nature of his movie, may not have been a surprise to anyone. During interviews for this movie he hinted that his contract was up at the end of the year, and many feared the worst.

Those fears were confirmed today, February 10, 2015, as he has announced his retirement. And everyone is freaking out. Who on Earth can replace Jon Stewart?

He skewered Fox News and bullshit like no one else could:



The infamous Crossfire exchange


And at times it seemed like he was the only one the could restore our sanity:

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

The Rally To Restore Sanity Speech


More importantly, he could levy his popularity into a powerful message:


We Can’t Breathe


But mostly he was just really funny:


Indecision 2000

Race From The White House

Mess O’Potamia

Clusterf#@k to the Poorhouse

Obama Day 15

Florida Haters


Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Article by: Christopher Gilson


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