A good chunk of my friends are music fanatics (as I’m sure yours are too). Every so often, when the seasons change or a party is on the horizon, we will pow-wow on Spotify and make huge collaborative playlists. These playlists have been instrumental in pulling me out of the musical ruts we can all fall into. Chappo came to me in one these playlists and needless to say, I was happy to cover this show.

Saturday night, Baby’s was packed. I was honestly surprised at the turnout for an opening band. Alex Chappo, front-man and lead singer enters in exactly what you’d think he’d be wearing – a sixties inspired mocha leather jacket with an eye of Horace-esque embroidery on the back, complete with a turquoise feather collar. He enters with not one, but two whiskeys in his hands. His get-up was very emblematic of the band’s sound –influences ranging from 60s psychedelic funk, to 80s electro-pop grooves, even tribal elements, but always with steady pop riff.

Chappo doesn’t stop. There was a zero dip in energy from the time they entered onstage to the last note of their final song. I don’t remember a pause or or a hello or many thank yous. The music was unwavering and the crowd ate it right up. I looked back a number of times and was surprised to still be inside of non-stop groove party. The energy was recycled, as the crowd bopped harder, the band’s antics continued. My personal favorite happened toward the end of the show when Alex Chappo climbed down from stage waving a wand filled with confetti over the crowd as he made his way through it. You had to smile, it was fun.



I’m Not Ready

Shots Fired

Hang On

Mad Magic



Run Me

Come Home

Hell No


Article by: Maria Bhim

Photos: Bridget Baker











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