KNTRLR Headlines a Whiskey Tinged Showcase at Gutter.

Boozy riffs filled the air Saturday evening as several bands, including KNTRLR, amped up Gutter’s rockers and bowlers. Hermano Stereo kicked things off rather nicely and shaped the tone of the evening with a round of Old Crow at end of their set. Sink Tapes was next and Overlake, who I especially enjoyed, followed. And then KNTRLR strode in, with their sunglasses on and post-punked out.

KNTRLR, whose album “The Great Filter” was released last week, is an interesting mix of indie rock and moody electronica. Stand out tracks include the dark 80’s throwback “Halogen” and “Kursk” which has a driving Nashville feel that is catchy as all get out. “Halogen” and “XXX” are available on soundcloud; download them for free and then check out their short and sweet debut. 2015 seems like it’s going to be a rough year for vowels.

Article by Stephanie Moise

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