Nat Osborn Band has given Pancakes And Whiskey the chance to post this upbeat track called “Exorcism.” Complete with horns, a driving drum beat and wailing guitars, ‘Exorcism’ gives us the whole package in one very catchy tune. The lyrics flow effortlessly with the music but there’s definitely something to be learned with lines like; “You’re tied to me and we’re tied to the bed.” Essentially, “Exorcism” is a love song, or a song about love gone bad but with the strong and seemingly happy rhythm it has, could be interpreted differently by someone else.

Go give this great tune a listen RIGHT HERE and pre-order the album now to be one of the first to get your hands on it when it drops April 7th!

Now that you have listened to the track, you’re probably wondering when you can catch this amazing band. Fret not because Nat Osborn Band is Playing Rough Trade this Friday on 3-20, so hit this link here to purchase your tickets!




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