The legendary They Might Be Giants are back after a year long break with their amazing Dial-A-Song concept. For those not in the know (or for those who haven’t seen Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns), Dial-A-Song was advertised in the Village Voice classifieds sometimes as simply as the name of the band and the phone number. Dialing this number rewarded you with a new song, or a clip of a song, or just some noise, every day for a while.

Dial-A-Song lasted for nearly 25 years before the technology became just too outdated, being replaced by a website, Now, for 2015, they are bringing back the concept by releasing a new song each week on the website and their youtube page, and it’s been incredible already. (A few weeks ago, they even posted a cover of Jonathan Richman’s “I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar,” from his underrated I, Jonathan album. So I was excited.)

This week comes with a video animated by Mark Marek, who worked on the KaBlam! tv series on Nickelodeon. The song is called “Underwater Woman.” Check it out this week, and go back every single week, because this is They Might Be Giants and you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Also, if you’re into making videos, they’re holding a contest for the song “Erase,” which is being judged by none other than Black Francis of the Pixies (and you can win a $1000 bucks). Info here

Also, also, you can check them out on tour if you are lucky enough to grab some tickets, they are selling out fast.

Also, also, also, they are releasing three albums this year (!!!). 2015 is a good year.

Article by: Christopher Gilson


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