Happy Friday, folks! I hope your week has gone swimmingly, and you’re getting ready to kick back and relax over this highly anticipated weekend. The weather is finally beautiful, and you’re probably excited to spend some time outdoors. Before you do that, I’d like to take a moment to remind you of an extremely important part of your weekend: breakfast. Up The Chain’s music video for “The Hardest Stone,” specially premiered here at Pancakes and Whiskey, sweetly reminds us that there is no better way to begin the day than with some wonderfully fluffy, or maybe even letter-shaped, pancakes!

This Philadelphia-based trio consists of Reed Kendall (vocals and guitar), Kirby Sybert (drums), and Noah Skaroff (bass). They released their EP, Windows Into Worlds, on April 21, with “The Hardest Stone” as the first single. This catchy, springtime tune will certainly make you smile, as the band reminds us why playing with our food is fun. Up The Chain is able to deliver raw energy in the most laid back way possible with their cool, slightly distorted guitar riffs and inviting melodies. The lyrics state; “with every changing tone, and every truth unknown, we take our guarantees and melt the hardest stone.” Take this message with a side of pancakes, and enjoy the weekend!


Article: Alex Feigin



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