“Last Song is about a girl I had a fling with a while back. I was so naive and inexperienced that I believed I was in love with her. What I was really in love with was the way she could distract me from my other issues. In reality, we were from two very different worlds and I always knew that in the back of my mind, but it just felt so good to pretend that we weren’t. I guess sometimes when we are hurting, it’s easier to say to ourselves that it’s because we miss someone or something when really it is something that is not quite as simple.” – Leo Sawikin

I’m not sure we could explain this any better than that, so enjoy this killer new video from The Chordaes!


Don’t Miss The Chordaes in NYC!

May 16th Leftfield

May 26th Silvana

June 15th Rockwood Music Hall


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