When I heard Prinze George was opening for Little Boots, I legitimately cheered and jumped at the chance to review them. I really, really like this band. I can’t even explain why; when asked, I mumbled something silly like, “So cute…contemplative…dreamy…the perfect soundtrack for an indie coming of age story?” I don’t know. Luckily, the lights lowered and the group kicked off their set on Thursday with “Upswing,” their second best song off of the EP. Lead singer Naomi Almquist took to the stage in a twinkly cocktail dress and nervously shuffled side to side. As they continued to play some newer songs from their upcoming album, she visibly relaxed, interacted with the crowd, swayed, there was even an adorable attempt to get low.

I love covers and Fleetwood Mac, so when they launched into “Dreams,” my night was pretty much made. “Victor” is my favorite song and was quite satisfying to hear, though the vocals were a bit muffled; I suspect an errant earpiece was the cause. If you haven’t heard it, it’s gorgeous. In fact, I’m putting it below. When the final song “We Are Dreamers” started, a disco ball came on and the band danced and bopped around the stage. The energy was infectious and it looked like they were having a blast. Seriously, so cute.


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Article: Stephanie Moise




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