Our summer Whiskey Sessions continue into the dog days of August. This time however, with all this heat lately we’ve decided to go from the sizzling hot Brooklyn rooftops and make for the cooler, and much more fun confines of the Gibson Showroom in midtown. For those of you unaware, Gibson’s NYC offices are in the old Hit Factory, so plenty of musical shenanigans we had in the legendary studios, turned guitar-player playground.

Our guest of honor this round was newcomer Grace, whose debut EP Memo was released back in May. We were lucky enough for Grace to perform her powerful acoustic version of legendary 60s hit “You Don’t Own Me,” which was originally released back in 1963 by Lesley Gore and made it all the way up to #2 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart only to be topped by some shit song called “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Grace’s soulful rock vocal swagger makes her a perfect fit for another solid Whiskey Session.


Video: Standard Production

Article: Tom Shackleford



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