Not all artists really understand how to tap into the true effectiveness of social media when it comes to branding, marketing, and exposure opportunities. After all, artists are artists, and most of them are content with leaving the social media noise up to the tech marketing gurus. Unless you’re bringing in enough money to finance someone to handle your digital marketing for you, as an undiscovered artist it’s incredibly important to be able to understand how to brand yourself on the interwebs. After MySpace totally changed the game about a decade ago as a lunching platform for musical content discovery, every year it seems like a new digital/social outlet comes about that helps to give artists a leg up on getting their music out there to the masses. Shimmeo is about to be one of those next great outlets.

Brand new to the world of social media and music, Shimmeo is a New York based startup that is designed to achieve one specific goal – to provide musicians with an easy-to-navigate user interface to easily and effectively film, uniquely edit, and sync high quality and very cool looking, short music videos to share with the musical world.

It’s a phenomenal business plan, aimed towards musicians who don’t have the financial  means to produce music videos like you see (or used to see) on MTV and VH1 to help them further their career. Unlike Vine, Instagram, or SnapChat, which have been flooded by ridiculous knuckleheads making all kinds of silly twerking fail videos attempting to achieve viral YouTube success; this app is tailored specifically for artists to add a fun and interactive visuals as unique as their music.

The Founder of Shimmeo, Bjorn Roche, is not just another tech wiz from Silicon Valley trying to make a quick buck in the emerging boom of digital entrepreneurs, but rather someone who understands and shares the passion of music and easy-to-use technology to help share it with the world.

“The massive amount of music that is available today has made it more difficult for artists to establish and maintain a fan base,” Roche has commented in the past.

“We’re giving artists a much simpler way to showcase their talent and stand out. In addition, we’re empowering them to engage their audience by letting fans re-shoot and share their own versions.”

An artist could make a bunch of different music videos for the same song, and encourage their fans to try dive into the creative world and make their own. In an era where fans have the ability to communicate with their favorite rock stars, this app now gives everyone a chance to create their own visual expressions to their favorite songs. It really may be one of those apps that come around once every now and then that changes the way we consume music and entertainment. If not, it’ll at least still be a damn fun way to kill some time on a road trip. Head over to the iTunes store and start making your own Shimmeos! The real question is which musician out there will be the first to make an entire mini-series to one of their albums with Shimmeo?


Article: Tom Shackleford


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